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A Guide to Memory Foam Dog Beds: What to Know Before You Buy


Memory foam dog beds make old and sore dogs more comfortable Image“Memory foam dog beds “are not created equal. Being some of the more pricey dogs beds (and the best are worth every penny), I want you to get what you pay for. Here’s the down and dirty on memory foam dog beds.


shredded memory foam dog bed Image
These beds are made of the bits and pieces of foam. They make a comfy, soft bed but will have few, if any, of the body support properties of solid memory foam. Its lower price generally reflects that.

Called: Shredded Memory Foam, Memory Foam Clusters

How can you tell? The bed is “poofy” and rounded. A solid slab of memory foam will have obvious edges.

Yes: If you just want a cushy bed for a healthy dog, a shredded memory foam dog bed will do just fine. A dog who likes to nest into their bed may enjoy these.
No: For dogs with orthopedic issues, old dogs, large or extra large dogs.


Milliard Memory Foam Dog Bed Image
This is a huge category with all sorts of layered products. The more memory foam used, the more supportive it is. If the bed calls itself a memory foam dog bed but then doesn’t tell you how much solid foam is used up front, assume not much is used.

Thin foam beds can be a good option for crates and for lighter dogs. Big breeds can “bottom out” on a thin bed. They usually need the thicker, solid foam beds.

Called: Memory Foam Dog Bed so be careful. Read the description to make sure you’re getting what you think you’re getting. Solid memory foam dogs beds boast on that right up front.

How can you tell? Look for the word “layer” or “layers” in the description.

Yes: Many medium-sized dogs do just fine with these and they can be the best option for tiny dogs who may sit on top of the solid memory foam dog bed like a cherry sits on top of a sundae.
No: Large and extra large dogs. If you have a giant dog or a dog in pain, look for solid memory foam beds to help them.


Solid Memory Foam Dog Beds Image
All memory foam dog beds that say “solid memory foam” in the product title or description. The thicker the foam, the more support it generally offers.

Called: 100% Memory Foam or Solid Memory Foam.

How can you tell? By reading the description. If it is solid memory foam they will say so loud, clear and probably repeatedly. As they should. If a company doesn’t say memory foam then it isn’t memory foam.

Yes: For large to extra large breeds, dogs with orthopedic issues (or that you’re concerned may develop some), overweight dogs.
No: Toy breed dogs who may not have enough weight to really sink in to a firm solid bed. For them, use a layered or shredded foam bed.


orthopedic dog beds Image
Used in many “orthopedic” dog beds, this foam is readily available. It is not memory foam and is much less expensive than memory foam.

How do you know? Rub the top of the bed. You can easily feel (and often can see) the bumps made by that foam shape.

Yes: If price is an issue, if you have a dog who may still be in the chewing phase, if your dog is small or light weight.
No: For large or heavy dogs with orthopedic issues or large dogs who press this foam down entirely.

Every bed made is the right choice for some situation or dog. Now you have the information you need to make the right choice for you when shopping memory foam dog beds.

Author: Sarah

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.

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