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Dog Car Seat Covers Blog ImageThere are Universal Rules about dogs in cars. They are as follows: your dog will get the most wet/muddy/smelly just moments before you put him back in the car after a run, if your dog is going to throw up he will do so within a mile of your destination, that light dogs shed most abundantly on dark seats and vice versa, and that the amount of scratches your dog leaves on the seat is directly related to how new the car is. Right? Using excellent car seat covers for dogs is a great investment in your car and your sanity.

My dog car seat cover requirements:

  • Waterproof (because who are we kidding? It has to be!)
  • Has slits so you can clip your dog’s car harness securely.
  • Excellent Amazon reviews at this time (can’t guarantee them going forward, of course, so double check now ).

Here are some of my top picks (all require backseat headrests):

Back Seat Cover for Pets Image
Majestic Pet Grey Universal Waterproof Back Seat Cover for Pets

  • Grey Universal Waterproof Back Seat Cover
  • Provides a protective barrier on the seating area
  • Seat belt slits in center to allow seat belts to be used when installed
  • Two adjustable nylon straps that attach to the rear headrest, making for easy installation
  • Dimensions 58-inch L by 59-inch W

Waterproof dog car seat covers image

  • Protect your backseat from dirt, dander, and spills
  • Made from durable heavy-gauge polyester with waterproof backing
  • Ideal for all vehicles with headrests
  • Zippered Skirt fits all car floor types

Solvit Seat Cover for Dogs Image
Solvit 62314 Waterproof Hammock Seat Cover for Pets

  • Protect your backseat and floor from dirt, dander, and spills
  • Made from durable heavy-gauge polyester with waterproof backing
  • Ideal for all vehicles with headrests
  • Attaches with adjustable straps and 2 Sta-Put devices
  • Fully machine-washable
  • Slits for harness attachment

Duragear Car Seat Cover for Dogs Image
Duragear Rear Bench Car Seat Cover for Pets- Microvelvet (56″W) Color Sand
Machine wash and dry *waterproof * EZ Tuck Anchor Pocket and Post – to easily tuck the cover in between the seat back and bottom * Adjustable headrest strap is triple stitched with a quick connect clip.

Waterproof Dog Seat Covers Image
Dog Seat Cover- Black or Tan – Water Resistant Quilted Rear Bench Seat Protector with the Best Nonslip Rubber Backing and Seat Anchors for Your SUV, Truck or Car Back Seat, Can Be Used As Hammock for Your Dog or Standard Cover to Protect Your Seats From Your Pets or Child Car Seats, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Machine Washable. (Black, Regular)

  • Made with water resistant heavy duty quilted polyester material
  • Unique nonslip rubber backing and seat anchors will keep it in place
  • Currently Black only. Tan on backorder
  • 54 inches wide to fit well in most cars, small trucks and SUVs
  • Great to protect your seats from kids as well

There is some debate on this one on how slippery the fabric is. Because so many people said the fabric was fine in the questions area on Amazon and because it is well-rated with other excellent features (like rubber backing), I include it here.

I hope you’ve found the right one from this listing of top car seat covers for dogs.

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Author: Sarah

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.

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