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The best dog beds for old dogs are either orthopedic for achy bones, waterproof with washable covers for “leaking” dogs, and cozy for the heat-seeking senior. Here are some of beds that meet one (or more) of those criteria.

Most old dogs get creaky and achy as they age. The more actively airborne they were in their youth, the more that tends to catch up with them as they age. Giving your old friend a really comfortable bed to rest on can help them rest peacefully and be less achy when they wake up. So let’s start with this feature:

Dog Bed Image

Snoozer is a popular line of dog beds. This Snoozer Extra Large Super Orthopedic Senior Dog Bed (Other Sizes) has a “completely waterproof ” washable cover with a cozy layer on top. This bed uses egg-crate foam which offers good support for medium to large dogs. For your aging giants, take a look at the immensely popular dogbed4less line and the incomparable (really) Big Barker dog beds.

Foam Topper Pillow Bed Image

A contemporary, designer dog bed, the EZ Living Home Zebra Memory Foam Topper Pillow Bed has a cotton cover with a looonnng zipper for easy on and off action. Washable, this cover is Teflon treated so liquids bead up on the surface. Take a look at all the good-looking EZ Living Home Dog Beds,

TETON DOG Ultra-CLEAN Dog Bed Image

A high-tech type bed, the TETON DOG Ultra-CLEAN Dog Bed, Waterproof Washable Stain Resistant Cover, Orthopedic Insert offers your dog support and offers you a very clean, very cleanable dog bed. This fabric was designed for hospital use so takes a serious amount of washing while staying waterproof. Go ahead and use hot water, that won’t harm this bed!


Natural Latex Pet Bed Image


This supportive dog bed made from 100% natural latex is purported to offer more pressure relief than memory foam. I cannot speak to that myself. The Miracle Sleep Natural Latex Pet Bed, 26x40x3 inches, has a removable and washable microsuede cover.

 Snoozer pet bed Image

Another Snoozer pet bed, this time a cave or burrow dog bed that an old dog can actually nestle into for an instant blanket effect. The Snoozer Cozy Cave is fuzzy lined with washable/dryable removable cover. It has a zippered liner as well. If your senior dog leaks urine in her sleep, take off the cover, put the bed into a plastic garbage bag, tape it closed then put the cover back on. Voila! Instanta-waterproofing.

Pet Cuddle Cushion Image

Got a real serious heat-seeker or frequently cold dog? Then a corded, heated dog bed may prove to be a favorite. This indoor dog bed, the K&H Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion, keeps the bed warm – but not hot. The heater is removable for clean up. Your old dog (or cat) may curl up and never get off!

As dogs age, their needs change. And that can sneak up on us. Give a quick look at your old friend and ask yourself if they have what they need for who they are now. Then give that beloved head a gentle pat from me. I love old dogs.

Author: Sarah

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.

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