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Seeing a puppy sleeping the often oddly posed but always completely relaxed sleep of youth is heart melting. What are the best dog beds for puppies? Let me help:

  1. Lower cost. Dog beds can be expensive; personally I don’t spend more than $40 on a puppy bed if I can help it since they are highly likely to be chewed, peed on or dragged around. Caveat: large and extra large beds will usually run more but I still buy low until the dog matures a bit.
  2. Sized for the future. A buy a bed that will, with good luck and supervision, last for at least a few months. If you know your pups likely adult size, great. If you don’t, a good guesstimate is double their weight at 4.5 months of age. Regardless, buy bigger than they are now.
  3. Washable. Though, frankly, at this price point that is not expected. I just toss these when they are dirty but a some of these are washable and isn’t that nice?

With those criteria in mind, let’s look:


Petmate Dog Beds Image
Petmate 26543 Foam Pet Lounger

  • Foam, And Fiber Pet Lounger That Is Ultra Comfortable
  • Bed Is Made With High Loft Polyester Fiber Fill, And Dense Foam
  • Perfect Bed For Your Pet To Curl Up, And Relax
  • Will Fit Nicely With Any Décor
  • Measurements Of Pet Bed Is 18″ Inches X 22″ Inches
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Cuddler Dog Bed Image
Aspen Pet Oval Cuddler Pet Bed

  • Raised sides to promote nesting
  • Great for small dogs or cats
  • High loft, polyester fiber fill
  • Machine washable
  • Decorative bone applique
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For Floppers and Sprawlers

Dog Gone Smart Bed Image
Dog Gone Smart Bed DGSCPS2101 Cotton Dog Crate Pad with Sherpa Top

  • Crate pad is made of easy care fabrics which are ideal for the messy puppy and older dogs alike
  • Made of 100 percent soft cotton fabric on one side makes the pads cool in the summer while reversed Sherpa side provides extra warmth in the winter
  • Designed to fit most standard-sized crates and carriers this pads are great for traveling
  • Available in medium size and navy color
  • Measures 21-inch length by 30-inch width

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PS: This entire bed is washable.

Midwest Quiet Time Dog Bed Deluxe Image
Midwest Quiet Time Pet Bed Deluxe

  • Tufted, Plush polyfiber cushion
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for crates, kennels, carriers, vehicles, etc?
  • Colors blend into each other from light grey to charcoal
  • 9 Sizes to choose from

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For Cool Questers

Cooling Dog Bed Image
K&H Cool Bed III Cooling Dog Bed – GREY

  • Cool, comfortable water bed for pets
  • Add water through easy-fill cap and adjust comfort with valve
  • No electricity required
  • Tough nylon/vinyl exterior
  • 2-year limited warranty

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K&H Cool Bed III Cooling Dog Bed – BLUE

Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed Image
Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

  • Frame: 34.6”L x 21.6”W x 7.9”H; Cover: 27.9” x 21.6”
  • Elevates pets off the cold, hard ground for extra comfort
  • Fabric resists mold, mildew, fleas and mites
  • Easily cleaned with a garden hose
  • Unique “breathable” knit fabric for pet comfort
  • 5-year fabric warranty against UV degradation
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For Cuddlers

K&H Lounge Sleeper Hooded Dog Bed Image
K&H Lounge Sleeper Hooded Pet Bed, 20-Inch by 25-Inch

  • Zip off hood
  • Removable cover
  • Fill is made from recycled bottles
  • Easy wash and care
  • Available in 1 size and 2 colors
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Petmate Dog Bed with Toy Image
Petmate 26946 Pet Lounger with Toy

  • Foam, And Fiber Pet Lounger
  • Made With High Loft Polyester Fiber Fill, And Dense Foam
  • Super Comfy And Will Fit Nicely With Any Décor
  • Allow Your Pet To Be Able To Relax With This High Quality Bed
  • Measurements of Pet Bed Is 20″ Inches X 17″ Inches
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For Heat Seekers

K&H Lounge Sleeper Self-warming Dog Bed Image
K&H Lounge Sleeper Self-warming Pet Bed

  • Self-warming material radiates heat back to your pet
  • Non-slip bottom for stability
  • Warmth with no electricity needed
  • Fill made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Easy wash and care
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Pet Parade Pet Cave Dog Beds Image
Pet Parade Pet Cave Dog Bed

  • Surround your pet with warmth and comfort.
  • Its like having a luxurious sleeping bag for your pet!
  • Large 25″ diameter
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For Crates

Love bumper-type crate mats because they tend to block the gap below the door of wire crates protecting puppy toes from getting caught. These also tend to be low cost and come in patterns and colors like pink, blue, green, orange and brown. Just toss into the washing machine. They usually have little or no padding in the center which is both a plus and a minus. Not as much to clean up when your pup shreds it but not cushy either. Not all pups need or want bedding in their crate and, if you have a chewer type, think of bedding as really pricey chew toys for the first couple of years. 😉

K-9 Keeper Sleeper Crate Pads ImageK-9 Keeper Sleeper Crate Pad

  • K-9 Sleepers are made of 100-percent acrylic fleece and a poly cotton backing for pets complete relaxation
  • K-9 Keeper Sleepers fit within all Four Paws K-9 Keeper Crates
  • From the home of quality pet products

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Other Bumper Type Crate Pads

Author: Sarah

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.

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