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Can Dog Bed Placement Impact Behavior? Surprisingly, yes!


iStock_000001809771XSmall ImageThe dog wasn’t improving. The people were following my suggestions, things should have been better than they were but the dog was still too pushy, too out of control, too much of a handful so I asked them to walk me through the dog’s day. When we entered the family room I saw a problem. The dog bed was right under the TV.

Why was this a problem?

Because like us, dogs are social mammals and in social mammals giving an individual a lot of attention tends to promote them whether they are a dog or a child or a student acting out in class. In that location, the entire family stared “at” the dog for hours every day. That kind of attention could confuse anyone. It confused him.

I moved the dog bed to the corner next to the couch where no one ever looked and taught him to lie there.

Things started to improve as they should have been and I learned a lesson: Dog bed placement matters.

If you have a question about how dog bed placement could help your dog calm down or grow more confident, be more relaxed around your kids or calmer around guests just ask me. I am delighted to help!

Author: Sarah

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.


  1. It’s true – I was having a problem getting work done because Zora constantly wanted attention when I was on the computer. I put a dog bed in the corner of my office and put her toys on it. Now when I’m working, she happily lays on her bed and chews on a Nylabone!

    • Smart move and I love hearing other stories of success. Thanks for sharing your sensible (and effective) solution. Pats to Zora. 🙂

  2. Love it!
    Another obvious problem spot for some dogs would be in front of the window. I’ve seen that too as owners wanted their dog to have a nice view while they were away at work. They didn’t understand why the dog had started barking at people when they came to the door.
    Thanks for posting!

    • Great point, Lisa. Barking out windows can become Hobby #1 soooo easily (and soooo problematically because, as you know and like the rest of us, dogs are what they practice).

      Thanks for posting/sharing your good thought. 🙂

  3. My puppy is crated at night (hes 6 months old) it is still taking him a good hour to calm down and not whine or cry when we go to bed. I have tried putting him in it for short periods of time during the day and rewarding his quiet behavior but it doesnt seem to help out at night time. His crate is out in the living room in a corner by the couch. How can I get him to be quiet when hes in it at night?

    • Oh, I feel your pain, Debra. That is a lot of crying at his age. I do help people with behaviors over at It’s free and we have a great group over there of friendly dog lovers who have been there and will help.
      Talk tomorrow, hopefully – Sarah

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