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One of the things I love so much about dogs is the laughter they bring in to our lives. I do not think of that is a minor and “silly” benefit but an important one to be encouraged and celebrated. In that spirit, I share here some of the many cute dog beds that make me want to get a small dog right now just to see them curled up on their crown or napping in the shark.

cute dog beds image
Colorfulhouse Shark Round House Puppy Bed with Pet Bed Mat
This is the bed that launched this blog. Chuckled when I saw it, chuckle again looking at it now. It’s just funny to me. Hope it is for you. Great gift for a fellow dog lover with a funny bone. Arguably a must have for every small dog named, “Jonah”. (I know, not a whale, but still.) For other colors (pink, orange, red, blue) click here

cute dog bed image
New Cute Cozy Soft Blue Shark Pet House for Small-medium Dog Puppy Cat Kitten
Are you more into Nemo than Jaws? Than this one might suit you swimmingly. Machine washable, 17.7″×15.7″×16.9″, this bed is sure to cause a smile.

cute dog beds image
Rosey Form Design-New Cute Soft Imperial Crown Pet Bed 18.5″×12.6″
Is your dog the king or queen of your home (or thinks they are)? Then this bed may be the perfect crown jewel.

cute bear dog bed image
Cute Animal Systerm Little Dog Kennel Beautiful Cat Dogs Nest Kawaii Bear Pets Cave
This line is adorable and washable. They have a full line that includes Cow, Sheep, Pink Rabbit, Panda Beds and more. This one is 19.7 x 5.5 x 15.8 inches ; 13.4 ounces.

Pet Bed for Small Dogs Image
ColorfulHouse Luxury Sports Car Design Pet Bed for Small Dogs, 20 Inches By 28 Inches
Vroom, vroom! Luxury Sports Car Design with removable pet bed mat. Outside Dimensions: 28 x 20 x 8 Inches; Inside 16 x 12 Inches. Cute dog beds for dogs under 10 pounds.

pink dog bed image
Cat Face Pet House Pink Cat Bed House (Small)
A fun pink dog bed for those who enjoy fluffy irony.

weiner dog bed image
Hot Dog Sofa Pet Bed with Removable Washable Pet Mat, Small 24″ x 16″ x 8″
Perfect dachshund dog bed and fun for any small dog.

airplane dog bed image
Kojima Design-new Cute Warm Cozy Soft Aircraft Plane Pet Bed
Let your imagination take flight with this airplane dog bed.

Author: Sarah

Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.

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