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Dog Pool Float Beds + Pool Safety for Dogs


A dog pool float looks like way too much fun for water-loving dogs who have access to a pool or pond! Here are a few options and then a couple of words of advice on pool safety for dogs.

Swimways Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float Image




Swimways Float Paddle Paws – Small (0-65 lbs)
Swimways Float Paddle Paws – Large (65 lbs and Up)

  • Pool float designed especially for dogs
  • Paw and claw friendly with heavy-duty, reinforced construction
  • Puncture-resistent
  • Jet Valve technology to easily inflate and deflate quickly
  • Springs open and close easily

Dog Pool Float Bed Image
GoodLife Designs DPPDL-LT Poochie Pool & Deck Lounger, Large,Tangerine

  • Waterproof / outdoor rated (for use floating in an/or resting around pools / water)
  • 47-inch diameter
  • Supports up to 80 pounds

Frontgate Dog Pool Float Beds Image
Dog Pool Float and Lounger – Kentucky Blue, Medium: 39″ dia. – Frontgate Dog Bed

  • Vinyl-coated fabric and nonporous foam make this lounger ultra-buoyant and strong
  • Crafted of puncture-resistant, woven vinyl mesh that won’t stain, fade, or mildew
  • Dampened, it will keep your pet cool and relaxed
  • All Sizes and Colors of Frontgate Floating Beds

Dog Pool Float Image





Pet Pool and Deck Lounger Rasberry (SM 30″)

Now that we’ve seen some of the fun, let me bring out a note of caution: Every year dogs die in pools because they don’t know how to find the stairs and can’t pull themselves out from the side. They fall in, panic, a try to get out at a corner or wall until they sink from exhaustion.

Dogs can learn how to find the stairs. After teaching Diane Sawyer’s dog, Lila, how to do it, she asked me to be on a Good Morning America segment. (And yes, that thud you just heard was the sound of a name dropping.) Anyway here is the segment and did I ever think I would be called upon to be on national TV in a bathing suit? No, no I did not but I am grateful for the chance to teach so waded on in:

Also consider a dog life jacket for pups, older dogs and dogs not usually built for swimming such as bulldogs, pugs and pekingese.

There are ramps to help dogs out of pools but none of them have impressed me yet. I’d certainly consider a pool alarm if the pool is not fenced off entirely from your dog. Another pool alarm option is a Safety Turtle Pet Immersion Pool/Water Alarm Kit that has a collar sensor that sets off an alarm in the house when it is submerged.

Now, let’s end on a fun note. Have you seen this book of amazing underwater pictures of dogs? They are truly fun as well as unique as their popularity shows!

Underwater Dogs Image
Underwater Dogs

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Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.

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