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Dog Stairs and Pet Ramps: Making Life Easier

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Dog stairs or ramps make life easier and safer ImageDog stairs or pet ramps are a wise choice in many situations. We want our dogs to be next to us, and our dogs want to be there, too, but many cannot (or should not) be leaping on and off furniture.

Which dogs need dog stairs?

  • Toy breed dogs for whom leaping off the bed is like a child leaping off the garage (and as dangerous).
  • Heavy dogs whose bodies take a pounding with every weighty thud.
  • Orthopedically challenged dogs who are fighting the development of arthritis.
  • Long-backed dogs who can land wrong and need surgery instantly. Had client’s have this happen more than once.
  • Older dogs whose hearts are willing but bodies are weak. Spare yourself seeing your old friend try for the bed, scramble at the edge and then watching him fall backward onto the floor. That’s a bad moment for everyone.
  • Blind dogs who want to be touching you are all times but cannot (and should not) jump on and off things.

Which people need dog steps?

Anyone with a bad back, shoulder or elbow problems, or whose hands don’t grip on like they used to. A dog ramp can save you injury and pain, too! If your dog is squirmy or hates to be handled, if you have slippery and/or hard floors making landing extra dangerous – dog ramps or stairs are a good idea for these issues as well.

Here is a listing of the Top-Rated Dog Steps and Ramps on Amazon.

Best of the Best

Pet Studio RampSteps win by a mile. These dog stairs that convert easily into a carpeted dog ramp have wide, sturdy, carpeted steps earning them excellent reviews from users who have a wide variety of dogs and concerns. The steps are both wide and deep, giving dogs of all sizes good footing. They are not too steep so small dogs can hop easily from one to the next without risk of falling or slipping. They fold up for easy storage.

You can find cheaper stairs, but you won’t find better. In our opinion, this product is worth the price. And compared to a visit to the veterinarian? They are a bargain!

Pine Frame Dog RampSteps Image
Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps, 3 Step

  • Innovative design converts steps into an easy-to-use ramp, or folds up for easy storage under the bed
  • Sturdy cherry-finished pine frame holds pets up to 130 lbs
  • Each step measures 12″D x 16″W and is covered with soft, non-slip, easy-clean carpeting
  • Three Step measures 40″L x 17 1/2″W x 19 1/2″H
  • Perfect for aging or arthritic pets

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps Image
Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps, 2 Step

  • Easily convert from steps to a ramp to make it easy for aging or arthritic pets to reach sofas, beds, and more
  • Sturdy mahogany-finished pine frame holds pets up to 130-pounds
  • Covered with soft, non-slip, easy-clean carpeting
  • Measures 26-inch length by 13-inch height by 17-1/2-inch width

Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs ImageSolvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs
These are the best-selling dog stairs on Amazon!

  • An attractive, affordable way to help your pet reach her favorite napping place
  • Safety siderails let your pet climb with confidence
  • Ideal for small or medium-size dogs
  • No assembly required
  • Supports over 120 pounds

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