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How to Stop Bed Shredding

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How to Stop Dog Bed Shredding ImageBed shredding is an expensive habit. Here’s what you need to know about it: dogs enjoy it. A lot. It’s dog fun to rip a bed to shreds. So controlling this dog behavior is a pragmatic task. Here we go:

1) Do not leave your dog alone with a dog bed (or a couch or a carpet) until they are well beyond the chewing stage. For most dogs that is between one and two years old but for some it lasts a lifetime.

2) Do not allow them to rip up soft toys. Ripping up soft toys in the entry drug for ripping up dog beds. Once a dog discovers the deep glee of pulling seemingly endless amounts of stuffing through a small, newly created hole it is a behavioral bell that cannot be unrung.

3) Spray the edges of the dog bed down with antichew spray early and often if you have a chewer. Let it dry then put the bed back out.

4) Supply many appropriate chew toys for your dog and encourage your dog to focus on them.

5) Avoid coated or flavored chew toys as that flavor will smear onto the dog bed and that smear encourages licking and licking encourages nibbling and nibbling leads to a hole and then a fluff party ensues!

6) Exercise! Chewing tends to increase during bad weather because that’s when a dog is bored and restless. Like a young child kept inside for too long, unwanted behaviors rear their heads at these times. A good long run—rain or shine—can solve many behavioral ills.

7) Or… choose a chew proof dog bed! Kuranda is the top of the chew proof heap. If your dog needs a bed and you need that bed to last, look at Kuranda.

That’s it. Nothing magical or mystical about it. Prevent access, discourage the habit, wait for maturity (or accept your dog for who they are) or buy a bed that side steps the issue. That’s the best way I know to discourage bed shredding.

Have a chewing story of your own? Share it below; I’d love to hear it!

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Sarah Wilson, Dog Expert, offers experienced-based dog info with humor. Author of 8 books, seen on PBS, Sarah knows all about dogs. {Pip} is her rescue dog.

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