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What Makes Kuranda Dog Beds Chew Proof?


Kuranda dog beds are chew proof because of a brilliantly simple design concept: Keep canine teeth away from the fabric.

Good plan. The trick is: how?

Kuranda’s answer? Put an unchewable barrier between the dog’s teeth and their fabric. Kuranda uses piping – PVC or Aluminum.

Why does that work? Well, imagine handle of a wooden spoon in your mouth the way a bit fits in a horse’s mouth (or the way a dog carries a stick – or should carry it). Now, nip into anything. You can’t right? The spoon handle prevents your teeth from coming together the way the pipe frame prevents dogs from getting at Kuranda dog beds. There is no way for them to get at the fabric as long as the piping is in the way and as long as the fabric is pulled taut.

Other beds wrap the fabric around the frame but that doesn’t prevent chewing anymore than wrapping something around the spoon handle would.

What Kuranda Beds does instead is slide the fabric into the center of the pipe itself, making chewing absolutely impossible for most dogs.

See how the green fabric is in the center of the pipe? The pipe arrives slit and you slide the fabric into it before you attach the corner pieces and legs.

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The fabrics they use are both sturdy and have enough give to be comfortable for your dog. They are easy to hose off, don’t harbor fleas, and work both indoors and out.

Used extensively by animal shelters because these are some of the few beds that really hold up in that bed demanding situation. That, alone, is a huge nod to the amazing durability and fantastic design of the Kuranda dog bed.

Bravo to them. Well done!






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