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Dogs sleeps comfortably on just the right dog bed.Looking for expert information about dog beds? You’ve come to the right site.

This dog-bed-focused blog brings all my 25+ years of professional dog care experience to bear.

It offers everything I have learned from what’s the best dog bed for a Lab puppy (not what you think) to how to buy the right memory foam dog bed for your dog and your situation.

Whatever you need: best extra large orthopedic dog bed to the right choice for your tiny toy dog, from beds that can help you manage your back pain to dog stairs to help prevent dog discomfort, from truly chew proof and chew resistant dog beds to that bed designed to fit into that empty corner you have. Warming beds? Cooling beds? Raised beds? Travel beds? Crate pads? Waterproof beds? Best dog bed for your Labradoodle? German Shepherd? We cover all that and much, much more!

If you need it, we have it! (And if we don’t, ask me in comments and I’ll get you the answers you need.)

So welcome to everything you need to know about dog beds!


  1. Who knew that a bath towel could be a hazard??? Well, Sarah knows ! Now many can know this and other useful information. Three cheers for this project!

  2. I never knew a towel could be so dangerous. Great tip. Thanks.

  3. Getting the bed right is an interesting idea. I would have thought about the physical issues, but I doubt the emotional stuff would have occurred to me.

  4. I trust Sarah to give me the right information every time. She knows more about dogs than anyone I’ve ever met. (Excuse me…I have to go get that old towel out of my dog’s crate.)

  5. I never thought about dog beds until I had children. I have always, up til then, encouraged the dogs to sleep with me in my bed. I noticed that they were happier in their own space in my room. With the pack. Thanks for the advice on beds. When we get a dog again I will remember to get the right bed for the right dog.

  6. Happy to help, Victoria. What sort of bed to you have now and where does Roxy like to sleep when she is not on a dog bed?

  7. Thank you so much for this wonderful information, Sarah. I will follow up! Very excited.

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